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I Am Done

Yes. I did just that.馃槫 I said "NO" and that response from me wasn't received well.
I'm not your pawn. Sorry. I refuse to be. Not any more. I refuse to empathize. I lost half my hair, half my sanity, half my health, looking out for you. Only to be pushed around and spat at.
Am I merely worth being practically spat at like that? I see.
Well here you go, here's your misery. Alright, you don't have me anymore, not an ounce of my care.
I literally shunned myself to acknowledge your pain. I shut myself out from the whole world. I abandoned everyone and everything. I disappeared from everyone's life so I could be present in yours. I stood by you like your shield. I knew because we're the same flesh and blood, that if you suffer, I suffer. You're worth my investment, my time, my health and happiness, because we are of the same breath after all.
But if your love is conditional to the point that i'm nonexistent in your priority-list, well, so are you in mine. Finally, I come first. You can now please exhaust yourself without dragging me in. I don't need to know of your latest rants. You can burn to ashes alone. Keep your negative energy away from me. And stop manipulating me. You're the problem. And your husband. Don't use me to "tame" him.
midnightsun22-25, M
Are you a girl? Or a low t guy?
midnightsun22-25, M
[@1011864,gobacktoyourroomandstudy] I'm just messin with you lol

Bro you're in too deep in whatever you're talking about, I'm assuming it's a relationship
[@854020,brokenswordsandshatteredshield] um. yeah. a family member. sorry it doesn't make much sense lmao. Thanks tho for the concern 馃

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