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I Look At the Moon

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[image=]The boy told me about how one non-Chinese classmate had brought a mooncake in his lunchbox to school and he tried to chomp down the ENTIRE mooncake like a hamburger during recess 馃槀 His Chinese friends had to tell him to get a knife and cut it into small slices and savour it in bite-sizes. It was funny. It was great to hear about kids sharing food and culture.
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Sep 15, 2016
Carla195161-69, F
Eating slow, chewing every bite prior to swallowing is making it easier for our bodies to digest. That is what my mother taught me. When we rush, everything is out of order. Keep order in your life and savor what you have. Too soon it is gone.
It's too rich to eat all one by yourself. I think it's over 1000 calories.
Carla195161-69, F
The calorie content is required to be on the package. I will remember my next visit to the grocery. I do doubt it is over 1000 calories. But I have been wrong before.
Sssslm31-35, F
it s nice they are helping each other馃檪
Sssslm31-35, F
btw, happy mid autumn festival, Novembermoon馃檪
涓蹇箰锛 love the cellophane lanterns!
Cierzo46-50, M
This post makes me reeeeeeeeally hungry
Am eating one now. The lotus seed paste type. Wish you were here.
Cierzo46-50, M
Me too 馃槥
SW User
I never heard of that! Have to go google!
The traditional ones have some sweet paste inside and at the centre, you have duck egg yolk. The mixture of sweet and salty is exquisite. And you wash it down with Chinese tea. One of the stories is about how the Han people organised a revolution to overthrow the mongols by communicating via slips of paper placed inside mooncakes. They succeeded and mooncakes became famous.

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