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Should the intelligence services pension off James Bond
He will probably be in his 90s by now because the first Bond movie was in 1962 and Bond himself is probably in his mid 40s so way past retirement age.

More importantly for the intelligence services is no matter where he goes in the world everybody seems there isn't a bad guy who does not know his name and code number.
Even though he has had several face lifts in his time

If your in intelligence agent and your going on secret operations around the world what good is it if everybody knows your identity.
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Nov 17, 2016
Edited: 3 yrs ago
That's why James Bond is a fictional character...he can do what he
Reminder: 007 is a fictitious figure.
I wonder how many little James Bonds there are around the world because their daddy had a 1 night stand

With all that sleeping around I am amazed he never got AIDS
firefall · 61-69, M
I've always assumed that the name is an alias - it's not that James Bond got promoted to 007, but that a series of men have been promoted to 'James Bond 007'. This is designed to maximise their anonymity, and to daunt any opposition as Bond is effectively unkillable for any length of time.

It also explains the changing appearance and personality over time.
In the movies the change of appearance and personality is because the studios want to keep making the movies but the actors do not. Also every actor brings something new to the role. The idea though that James Bond 007 is just a name that is given by the intelligence service is an interesting one and the 00 is just the category of the agents with a licence kill

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