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Is there anyone that doesn't like the movie 'Into the wild'?
I love it.
31-35, F
17 replies
Feb 11, 2019
PoizonApple · 36-40, F
The book's great
Ynotisay · M
[@336933,PoizonApple] Krakauer is an amazing writer. If you haven't read it check out 'Into Thin Air.' He was also a world class mountaineer and was part of the Everest expedition that ended up killing seven or eight climbers. He takes you right up the mountain. A remarkable book even if you don't know anything about mountaineering.
Emanuelle · 31-35, F
[@336933,PoizonApple] I must admit that I haven't réd it. I should have done so before I watched the movie cause just impossible for me to read somethinhafter I have seen the movie
babydragon · 22-25, M
never seen it.....
madmax83 · 36-40, M
Dude in Alaska right?
madmax83 · 36-40, M
[@830611,Emanuelle] Yeah I've seen it, it was ok. The documentary on his footsteps is better imo.
Emanuelle · 31-35, F
[@862026,madmax83] haven't seen it. Will check it out. Thank for the tip.
madmax83 · 36-40, M
[@830611,Emanuelle] They follow his whole trek step by step to the bus. Pretty neat.
Chatfun · 46-50, M
Book and movie are great
Ynotisay · M
Good movie but I'm a bigger fan of the book.
firefall · 56-60, M
There certainly is
meJess · F
people who are domesticated?
princero · 26-30, M
Book is better... Movie is overrated. There are far better movies out there exploring similar aspects of human existence. I would recommend - The Motorcycle Diaries, Y Tu Mamá También (with subtitles) etc.
Ynotisay · M
[@767935,princero] NICE call on Y Tu Mama Tambien. One of my favorites.
Neoerectus · 46-50, M
The movie seemed a little like Darwin Award material. Reminds me of Scary Movie with sign showing "certain death and safety.". Consistently chose certain death. I assume the book was better.
Degbeme · 61-69, M
I`ve never seen it.
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