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what is the deal with all the cancellations?
Lucifer and Hap and Leonard are cancelled!!! i have nothing left to watch except Walking dead and Game of thrones
56-60, F
26 replies
May 16, 2018
MethDozer · 36-40, M
I gave up when WGN cancelled Outsiders. They cancelled their most popular and highest rated show middle.of the second season. Retarded.
MethDozer · 36-40, M
[@70398,bunny61] Lol. Yeah.

WGN got a new CEO who decided it wasn't diverse enough for the direction he wanted the station to go in. Whatever that means.🙄
bunny61 · 56-60, F
[@521796,MethDozer] drug user? or idiot
MethDozer · 36-40, M
[@70398,bunny61] Pretty sure he's an idiot. Like I said, he cancelled the highway rated show they had mod season for a ridiculous reason.
The even stupider thing about it being over his "diversity" reason was that had two other original shows that were minority based casts.
JovialPlutonian · 31-35, M
Pmsl you still watch that s***
bunny61 · 56-60, F
[@9972,JovialPlutonian] those are all amazing shows...i don't watch most of the crap they have on tv now. i have watched it all before and these rip-offs of old shows is embarrassing...
JovialPlutonian · 31-35, M
[@70398,bunny61] they're try hard but can you blame them? Plenty of ppl still watch them
bunny61 · 56-60, F
[@9972,JovialPlutonian] but what were you calling "SH#*"?
Picklebobble2 · 51-55, M
Tv is dying. Too much stuff gets streamed and folk aren't watching like they used to.
bunny61 · 56-60, F
[@448576,Picklebobble2] i think it is confusing
SW User
I'm shocked
we liked Lucifer a lot lol
where can we complain?
bunny61 · 56-60, F
[@380163,Quizzical] i guess the network...
Quizzical · 41-45, M
[@70398,bunny61] It's Firefly all over again...

Really popular show cancelled because some asshat doesn't watch it themselves or doesn't like it 😡

I really thought my day couldn't get any worse
bunny61 · 56-60, F
[@380163,Quizzical] the numbers weren't high enough
Quizzical · 41-45, M
Lucifer got cancelled!!


Useless fucking execs!
bunny61 · 56-60, F
[@380163,Quizzical] i totally agree
xSharp · 26-30, M
lmfao ash was cancelled yet you thought lucifer was immune?! smh
Quizzical · 41-45, M
[@397436,xSharp] Yeah, that was a good show too...

I guess we will be inundated with more reality TV shite again...
xSharp · 26-30, M
[@380163,Quizzical] after seeing the ending that raimi wanted for army of darkness that the producers refused, im totally fine with how it ended.. in fact it was an improvement. 👍
bunny61 · 56-60, F
[@397436,xSharp] never watched that
Reboot153 · 18-21, M
Get a Netflix account and find something new. There are so many Netflix Original shows starting along with dozens of other series to watch. Dunno why people still pay for cable these days when there are so many better alternatives for less.
bunny61 · 56-60, F
[@536053,Reboot153] i only watch a small percent of new shows on netflix and they rarely have anything i would watch that isn't new
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