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Have you heard the sad news about Margot Kidder?
51-55, M
41 replies
May 15, 2018
Primnproper · 51-55, F
Yes, very sad , she didn't have an easy life..
MadisonBilly · 51-55, M
[@1317,Primnproper] I didn't know that. That [i]is[/i] sad. :(
Peaches · F
[@1317,Primnproper] Yes, she was an advocate for the homeless. ⭐
MadisonBilly · 51-55, M
[@364304,Peaches] Good for her. She obviously knew what it must be like.
Unlearn · 36-40, M
Who is he/she/it?
MadisonBilly · 51-55, M
[@364304,Peaches] I chose this name because I like the movie "Billy Madison", I like to identify with the character and I had no way of knowing the name had been used before by some asshole who had no right to use the name if he was going to give it a bad reputation.

Now, it has just come to my attention that there's yet another guy on here using a permutation of that name, I've just had a message from him. Yes, that's right, there are two Billy Madisons on SW now, and neither of us is the same person as that asshole who was here before, so if I were you I'd stop judging people by their name, get to know them first, and forget about that asshole who shouldn't have used the name in the first place.
Peaches · F
[@681447,MadisonBilly] I'm not judging you, just thought you knew. 😕I apologize if I've offended you.
MadisonBilly · 51-55, M
[@364304,Peaches] Apology accepted, but I will not change my screen name to appease a bunch of ignorant twerps who can't be bothered to check their facts first. I want to empty this site of ignorant twerps who can't be bothered to check their facts first, and then fill it with my real-life friends who always check their facts first. That's the only way to make SW a better place.
JohnOlinger · 36-40, M
Yes So Sad She Was A Great Lois Lane
Mamapolo2016 · 61-69, F
Margot Kidder was a truly great comedic actress, with that necessary vulnerability and sadness just behind her laughing eyes.

Seems that’s always where comedy comes from.
SW User
Is that the lady in superman ? Awww if so she was lovely 😔🤷🏻‍♀️ x
MadisonBilly · 51-55, M
[@738403,Elora] Yes.
Peaches · F
YES, someone else also has it posted.😢I always liked her. I like to think she's in a much better place now. ⭐

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Have you heard the sad news about Margot Kidder? | Movies & TV | Similar Worlds