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I Am Very Random

I finally fell asleep last night...
I dreamt of my ex who is mentally ill /genius type but the character in my dream was the guy who played Stark in Stark enterprises!!!! because well my ex is a bit of a genius and like weird gadgets and wealthy ... but rude like that guy who is rude in this site.. and that’s why he is and always will be single so in my dream I had pity on him (probably because I do feel sorry for them) but they simply cannot be in a relationship they don’t communicate in healthy ways that can support a relationship .... in my dream I was just about to tell him if he could say the opposite of what he normally wants to say then I would be able to be in a relationship ship ... but the words could never come out and there was never the chance .. it’s sad because it’s true of some people ... their communication pattern/style ??? ruins relationships

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