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I Love a Good Horror Movie
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El Hoyo (2019)

[i][b]“There are three kinds of people.
The ones above,
the ones below,
and the ones who fall.”[/b][/i]

We got together with some friends to watch the new Mortal Kombat yesterday. But sadly something went wrong if we tried playing the movie. So we watched [b]El Hoyo[/b] (2019 ;Eng: [i]The Platform[/i]) instead.

[quote][b]Trimagasi:[/b] Don't speak to the people below us.

[b]Goreng :[/b] Why?

[b]Trimagasi:[/b] Because they are below.

[b]Goreng:[/b] He...

[b]Trimagasi:[/b] The People above won't answer you!!!

[b]Goreng:[/b] Why?

[b]Trimagasi:[/b] Because they are above, obviously.[/quote]

It's an inteligent psychological thriller with some pretty disgusting and revolting scenes. But it delivers a pretty sharp criticism of human beings that are trapped in a situation of their ow making. People wake up in an institution, with the full knowledge that they are supposed to be there and even signed up for this. Altough, they never really understood what "this" really is. They live in a cubical room, with a square hole right in the middle of the ceiling and the floor. Beneath and above the room that the protagonist finds himself in, there are a lot of similair rooms that are all visible through the hole in the middle. Every room has just two inhabbitants, that stay together untill someone leaves or dies. Once every day, a platform descents from the first room at the top with a big feast of a dinner stalled out on top of it. The food slowly starts to descent to the bottom. The rest, writes itself. At the end of the month, every inhabitant is gassed and put too sleep. Only to find themselves waking up at a diffrent level as they were before. The individuals are free to behave however they want, untill the time that they agreed spending there runs out.

It's dystophic, shocking and pretty horrible at times. But it has enough engagement and symbolism to make you think. It's fairly short, and the dialogues are pretty well written. So if you want to see something else for change, you might want to try this Spanish movie.

[quote][b]Goreng :[/b] The people above won't listen to me.

[b]Imoguiri:[/b] Why not?

[b]Goreng:[/b] I can't shit upwards.[/quote]


[quote][i]“...a great man who is vicious will only be a great doer of evil, and a rich man who is not liberal will be only a miserly beggar; for [b]the possessor of wealth is not made happy by possessing it, but by spending it - and not by spending as he please but by knowing how to spend it well.[/b] To the poor gentleman there is no other way of showing that he is a gentleman than by virtue, by being affable, well-bred, courteous, gentle-mannered and helpful; not haughty, arrogant or censorious, but above all by being charitable...and no one who sees him adorned with the virtues I have mentioned, will fail to recognize and judge him, though he know him not, to be of good stock.”[/i]

- Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, [i]Don Quixote[/i] (1605)[/quote]

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