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I Hate Chewing Noises

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i hate chewing noises and when people chew with their mouth open, its my biggest pet peeve, i can't stand it. When I'm sitting next to someone or near someone and i can hear them eating or chewing with their mouth open, I do everything in my power to ignore it. If people know i don't like it, they do it on purpose just to annoy me
22-25, F
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Jul 30, 2016
Metalhead4175 · 41-45, M
I feel you on that. I can't tell ya how many times I've snapped on people about it. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!
HiThere97 · 22-25, F
i always tell them to chew with their mouth closed and then they just chew even louder, and I'm like REALLY!!

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I Hate Chewing Noises
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Updated: 6 days ago
Categories: Food, Health, Phobias
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