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I Want Friends Who Are Actually Friends

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Why do people use me why do people pretend to be my friend you know I want to find a true friend and I can talk to hang out with and stuff like that it’s like Everybody I trust always seems to hurt me and I don’t like that it hurts my feelings and it hurts me
31-35, F
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Aug 8, 2019
Mamapolo2016 · 61-69, F
I have no authority on this subject except 68 years of living, but I’ll tell you what I think.

Only rarely do people hurt you intentionally. Most often it’s carelessness or thoughtlessness and our hurt stems from us, not them. We allow ourselves to be hurt and conveniently disregard the times we hurt someone else through our carelessness or thoughtfullessness.

Being hurt by a friend happens to most of us now and again. We can either blow off the friendship or do what real friends do - forgive and get on with it.

If it happens repeatedly, you are either choosing the wrong friends or have unrealistic ideas about what friendship is. I have only a few friends although I have a lot of acquaintances I like and whose company I enjoy. But even true friends can’t always put their life on hold for me.

Sometimes a friend can’t come to you in a crisis because they have their own crisis, or they have to pick up the kids or they have the flu.
Kelly202 · 31-35, F
I have some disabilities and this girl her name is Pam and we been friends since high school and I just moved to an apartment and she said as a friend that in case of emergency if I need anything I can come door so she helped us out because we don’t have a lot of money and stuff and then she decided to ask us to pay her back for the stuff that she bought like at Kmart for me and like dinner and stuff and she was just offering to pay for the stuff like trying to be a good friend and you know and it’s like it’s not fair she thinks I was taking a vantage of her but I wasn’t and then she needs to realize that I’m only starting to work I am only getting a small paycheck it’s like and I know she has some disabilities and she has trouble expressing her feelings to make and then she blocked me on Facebook but she wouldn’t tell me why I don’t want to talk to my fiancé by texting each other enough cell phone she said that she felt like I was taking a vantage and that I had no right to tell her that her boyfriend was was controlling her and she always comes over to our apartment and talks about a boyfriend and how controlling he has and how stressed she is and she never really asked us about us and how we’re doing stuff and you know I try very hard you know

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I Want Friends Who Are Actually Friends
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