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I Have a Suggestion for Similar Worlds

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i would like to have the facility to know when someone you posted to has seen your message, and also to know when someone was last on line....i also miss the gifts and gestures that you could send to each other....and it would be great to be able to have live chat too....just saying lol...apart from these minor things i am enjoying similar worlds and am meeting some lovely new people here....THANK YOU S/W
51-55, F
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Nov 20, 2016
tynamite · 26-30, M
You can see if someone has read your message if you pay for VIP

Thank you for your suggestions.

1) You can see when someone has seen your message by getting a VIP subscription:

2) We may probably implement "Last Online" at some point, but we need to think very well in order to not break our members' privacy.

3) Gifts are coming soon!

Very kind regards,
bobydob · 51-55, F
thank you so much for replying x
TheConstantGardener · 51-55, M
Why is it important to know when a person was last online?
[c=#BF0080]Ikr.. if we get that feature I'll surely be turning that thing off lol.[/c]
bobydob · 51-55, F
its important because with that function you will be able to interact better with your i just missed you online...or, are you havent been online for a will also be able to work out if a message you have sent has been seen by the person. i had a real good friend on ep who never came back if they hadnt had that facility i would have thought that she had just decided to not talk to me anymore, but the function allowed me to understand that there was more to it than that as her profile stated that she had not been online for a period of time...IT IS NOT FOR STALKING just adds to your personal friendships that you gain using social media!
Finerthings · 51-55, M
here is bouquet of roses. xxxxx
bobydob · 51-55, F
lool...thats a nice gesture...but a picture of them would be extra nice..dont you think??
Finerthings · 51-55, M
@bobydob: I try.
Finerthings · 51-55, M
Thatsright · 56-60, M
bobydob · 51-55, F
whats up dopey???
Thatsright · 56-60, M
bobydob · 51-55, F
feel better soon 😆
Tanoos · 36-40, F
nice suggestions

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