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I Have a Suggestion for Similar Worlds
I was on EP for a short while a few years ago. They had a option that you could read a person's groups and see if you had any in common. I liked that because you could see if you had any common likes. Would that not be a good option for here?
yllacsar · 46-50, M
Cause they force you to join a bunch of groups when joining....most of which have little or no interest to you yet you have to meet their group joining quota to access the site - so most groups are irrelevant in most peoples profiles
Jessa29 · 31-35, FMod
Honestly 10 is not a bunch.
Molly24 · 26-30, F
I took mine seriously. I see liking a group as me saying to anyone who looks that "this is me."
Jessa29 · 31-35, FMod
You can already do this go to the person's page and click groups and them are the groups that they are in.

No feedback on this yet but....

██ Mark and Count Common Groups

Suggestion: Show how many and which groups you have in common with a member when visiting their profile.

Updated: 5 month(s) ago | Sources: LikeMind
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Molly24 · 26-30, F
Yes I know but there is no option to see matching groups. It was a suggestion not a complaint. Thanks for responding so fast 🙂
Jessa29 · 31-35, FMod
@ScarletNightingale: I edited my post. You're welcome
FeetAreFantastic · 36-40, M
That was very good and would be a very good option here.
Despite the recent improvements, this site still isn't as good as EP was with regards to groups.
I only really use this for questions now.

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I Have a Suggestion for Similar Worlds
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