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I Have a Suggestion for Similar Worlds

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Could we have customisation options for profiles?, as in wallpapers and things like that. I mean blue and white, it's starting to get a little old and boring to look at. Would be awesome having some options for our profiles, I know it's not a huge thing for some but it would nice.
22-25, F
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Jan 8, 2019
Bubbles · 31-35, F
Yeah I like that idea!
diablo · 41-45, MVIP
I totally agree with you and Bubbles. Have you contacted a mod about this? Customization options would be brilliant!
Jessa29 · 31-35, FMod
This is what we’ve been told on this issue.... ██ Customize Profile & Site Layout
VIP members will get the ability to alter the colors and background pattern of the website. All visitors to their profile will see it in the design chosen by the profile owner. Additionally VIP members will be able to create a custom title, which appears next to their name across all parts of the site.

Updated: 31 month(s) ago | Sources: SW Homepage
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I Have a Suggestion for Similar Worlds
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Could we have customisation options for profiles?,... | I Have a Suggestion for Similar Worlds | Similar Worlds