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I Have a Suggestion for Similar Worlds

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It is coming along, but one feature that EP had I think is vital to us is knowing when they last logged in. You have no idea of whether or not the person is an active participant on SW unless you can see this info.
61-69, M
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Aug 12, 2016
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SW User
I asked about that once and most people said it was too stalkerish to show when someone last logged on. But, I do think SW should show when an account was created.
robyn56 · 61-69, M
Well maybe at least the last date if not the time in hours etc. I just find that you search someone based on their storie that was from 3 months ago and can't tell if they are active or not!
Goralski · 46-50, M
F that. ..horrible feature if somebody wants to talk to you they'll talk to you nobody needs to know when anyone has been last on
robyn56 · 61-69, M
Lots of people come and go here. They don't last. It clutters up the site with a bunch of non-active people. SW could also just put in a login calendar and notify people who have not logged in for the past 90 days that their account will be deleted if not re-logged into within a period, say 30 days.
Goralski · 46-50, M
That deleting option would be pretty good I doubt they'd ever do it cause technically they count them people as users for revenue from advertisers
beckyromero · 31-35, F
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I Have a Suggestion for Similar Worlds
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It is coming along, but one feature that EP had I ... | I Have a Suggestion for Similar Worlds | Similar Worlds