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I Forgot

I forgot to put the milk in the fridge last night. $3 down the drain. I was just so distracted. It was a weird day.

A man I encountered was in the middle of a diabetic attack and he'd recently suffered a head injury. I wanted to help him up but his arm was messed up. I didn't want to hurt him.

I hadn't recognized it as diabetes. My dad was diabetic and this happened to him all the time. I didn't think of that at all though. The slurring and incoherence, the falling; I thought it was all due to his head injury. A couple of guys stopped to help move him to a bench to sit and wait for the ambulance. A kid passing by guessed it. "I bet he's diabetic." and, sure enough, he had medications and supplies in his bag.

Poor guy. I'm glad there are good people in the world. It's scary passing out or being out of control like that while alone with people you don't know.

On my way back to my apartment, I ran into my neighbor. He asked about Mother's Day and got to telling us about his mom who'd recently died and how she'd had Alzheimer's.

It's all very sad. Elderly people have to have others looking out for them. They can't just be forgotten. "Getting old isn't for the weak." I've heard plenty of them say that, and then cackle.
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The frailties are the problem. Most of us aren't prone to serious injury if we fall down. And if they fall and they're alone, that's a terrifying situation. I remember a customer talking about a time when she was on the ground for two days before her daughter finally paid her a visit and found her. It's heartbreaking.
Maybe but we all need people looking out for us whatever our age..I think that the elderly it's just visible frailties rather than mental ones. Far easier to recognise and respond to
Cinnamon · 31-35, F
Wow you are such a kindhearted and thoughtful person. Thank you for sharing this.
I'm impressed by the kid who knew exactly what was wrong.

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