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I Can Be a Very Jealous Person

It's not out of a desire to control another person, but it can be hard not to feel jealous sometimes. I don't get 'picked' very often for someone to be close to or even just good friends with, so seeing everyone else seemingly managing these things with minimal effort (I rationally know it's not the case, but it can come across that way) can evoke green eyes.

Same goes for the rare occasion when I am 'chosen' by someone and I see them having more fun with someone else, because I become afraid that I'll lose them. It's happened before more times than I can count.
Adaydreambeliever · 56-60, F
We are all only human...and jealousy and envy are natural emotions that pretty much all of us have felt at one time or other... but ultimately feelings of insecurity can drive people off..
Kelsey · 26-30, F
I can relate.
I'm also a pretty jealous person, unfortunately. Wish I weren't though
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I Can Be a Very Jealous Person
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