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I Feel Like An Outsider in The LGBT Community
I’m bisexual, have been a lesbian like 98% of my life. I’ve had a generally pretty shitty experience with the LGBT community. Whether it’s on Facebook or the college campus in town. Everyone just seems so radicalized, overly sensitive and itching to pick a fight with someone who doesn’t agree with them. To the point where they will use any excuse to allow themselves to do so.

I don’t get it. I don’t understand why everything in this community has to always be about launching verbal attacks on anyone who doesn’t agree with you or bitch about Trump constantly. Especially online.

I feel like the LGBT community should be about supporting people’s differences but it seems like to me everyone is so bitter they take their anger out on anyone. Which I won’t lie, I’m guilty of to some extent. It’s not easy being gay in a small rural town where people aren’t afraid to tell you how disgusting they think you are.

I understand being angry at other people because you’ve put up with a lot in your life but I don’t understand the constant radical dogma “with me or against me” attitude.
22-25, F
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May 22, 2020
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Same experience. Fucking same.


Light and love. 🖤
CountScrofula · 36-40, M
Honestly the identity politics scenes going on right now have a lot of toxic exclusionary behaviour focused on callouts and punishing people for failing purity tests rather than actually winning tangible goals. It's like their top enemies are allies with slightly incorrect politics, rather than the assholes in power actually passing anti-LGBT legislation.

And I have a lot of time for radical politics, but you gotta accomplish something.
[@624254,CountScrofula] It’s frustrating. Cut my nose to spite my face.
Zebrawl · F
I know people like this too. I know both radical conservatives and liberals. I wonder sometimes if maybe they don’t feel heard or represented. I say that because I don’t feel heard in my personal life so I pick at everything and make it an issue. It hasn’t always been like that.
[@14748,Zebrawl] That’s very introspective. You might be right.
Graylight · F
I think you're generalizing a little. There are definitely communities like the one you describe, but not everyone's like that at all. It depends on who you're surrounded by, what region you live it, even which town.

The 'screamers' tend to be heard the most, probably because they're on their soap boxes challenging the world to a fight. But beyond those people are everyday men and women who live their lives and use their orientation as just one identifier.

Don't lose hope. Not everyone's out to start something.
ShayAdonia · 22-25, F
[@627992,Graylight] I have never had a positive experience with the LGBT community. So I don’t have a well balanced opinion when I’ve never had a well balanced experience.
Graylight · F
[@474305,ShayAdonia] I hear you. I wouldn't expect you'd have a favorable opinion given your experiences. I was just trying to say there's more than you think out there and a lot of it's good.
I don't really like identifying with the LGBT community either.

I am a "T" gurl but I am not gay. Just because I love dressing feminine does not mean I looking for a gay man.

It would be nice if the transgender community was not associated with the LGB community.

I have gone to gay bars where gurls like me are accepted but I've had problems where gay men have come up to me and feel they have a right to put their hands up my skirt. This is an assault bordering on rape. Just because I'm not a real female does not give anyone the right to touch me in an inappropriate manner.

My heart goes out to women because I know exactly what they have to deal with and worry about in public, especially when they just want to dress in something pretty or sexy to make themselves feel good about their femininity, not an invitation to be molested.

Being a bisexual female this might not be as insulting to you as it is to me. We should all just be respected as any other human being.
nudydude · 56-60, M
It is a sad fact about human nature. They get so upset the they feel fighting is the only answer. No matter what your cause, your fighting and hate only increase their fighing and hate

Bare Hugs

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