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any girls in utah that would be willing to meet up?
I want a gf and wanted to see if any girls that live in utah would be willing to meet up
13-15, F
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Nov 2, 2019
not a dating site
[@980849,mtsings] Because this IS not a dating site and your the one that is pushing your attitude.

Im sorry but we get alot of people that come here thinking its just like any other site and its not , its not a free for all site .
And most of the users have worked hard to filter out the people that come here with incorrect intentions .

Mean ? honest ...its not for hook ups or dating , i agree with Ohkelseys post / its true
mtsings · 13-15, F
[@935348,NightsWatch] look, I get it. but literally you just have to mind your own business. and you do know, I'm not giving attitude. if anyone is, its you
[@980849,mtsings] im am minding my business ...everything you post is open to the public forum .
The site was set up that way to stop inappropriate posting .
I hope you can settle in and enjoy the site
OhKelsey · 18-21, F
Just let your friends and acquaintances know. Word will get around and you'll get offers of interest from local girls. Anonymous seeking through SW is a very weak idea that will only bring you unnecessary grief.
mtsings · 13-15, F
[@1001706,OhKelsey] yeah but, its utah so there are so many mormons
OhKelsey · 18-21, F
[@980849,mtsings] That won't affect the number of gay girls.

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