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Nov 1, 2019
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KBby18 · 18-21, F
When I’m at school, my girlfriend and I live about 2ish hours apart, but we live together over holidays/breaks. I know we aren’t that far, but her work schedule and my school schedule make it hard for us to see each other more than every other month or so. Our relationship is open, which makes things a little easier, but I still miss her all the time. It’s hard, but definitely worth it.
Angelboy2455 · 13-15, M
I have a relationship with a boyfriend in Canada and I'm from Hawaii and I think it's awesome
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MagesMax · 18-21, M
I have been long distance with my boyfriend for 3 years, and it was 2 years before we met in person. They are not a long term thing, but are a GREAT way to meet amazing people. Takes a lot of commitment, patience, and care for it to work. I think it's a great rout for LGBT folk because our numbers are significantly smaller than the general population.

I feel you should always have a goal to meet and spend time in person, as I think it's healthy for a relationship.
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Mrsbetweenfatandfit · 26-30, F
No experience for lgbt distance but met my husband long distance. I think they’re pretty difficult in their own way. But surviving distance can strengthen communication and is a good indicator of the patience and devotion you have for one another
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Effloresce · 22-25, F
They can work as long as both individuals maintain communication and understand each other’s needs
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AT20rt · 18-21, M
I am transgender and im in a long distance Relationship i am both 🤗
AT20rt · 18-21, M
[@623147,Alexx1999] but ill be ok 😁
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AT20rt · 18-21, M
Ik 😁[@623147,Alexx1999]
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AT20rt · 18-21, M
I think its cool i approve of long distance Relationships
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AT20rt · 18-21, M
This message was deleted.
[@623147,Alexx1999] yes. Nothing lasts forever so don't take my comments seriously.

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