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Culture contradiction.

Not sure if that's even a thing.
I don't know, I can't read how people around me would react if they knew what I been doing behind closed doors. Behind my modest clothing I always wear everyday.

I live in a country with the largest muslims population where fornication is forbidden but I specifically live in the capital city where people claim themselves "open minded" so idk fornication seems like normal but still taboo

2 of my relatives, and they're siblings. both of them impregnated their gfs. And now are married. My other relatives still treat them normal as if nothing shameful happen in our big family.

My uncle too, he wasn't married when his gf (now his wife) pregnant with my cousin.
And my late grandma still treat my uncle's wife very nice even nicer than she treated my mom and my aunts.

I don't know what kind of world I live in.
But my mom is very religious now and hang out in a community that is very religious.

The weird thing is, there's this woman, a tv person, very famous and often wear sexy outfit, publicly talking about her sex life, married 3 times, has 3 children from different men, and her daughter goes to a private religious school with the same understanding as my mom's and her community's understanding. And she's well accepted there. She hangs out with student's parents from that school and none of them judge her.

So I wonder, I really wonder, what if, what if, i got pregnant without a husband?
Will my mom's and her friends still accept me?

My mom been nagging about her being 60 yet still no grandkid. What if i gave her grandkid without being married??
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geoam1 · 51-55, M
I have found it's ok for the men but not the women. So not sure if that's a good idea

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