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I Am Fading Away

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People do this thing where they speak in ways that are so difficult to understand that they make people think they are more intelligent than they are, they speak lies/fallacies/propaganda - all manners to deceive others into the idea that they're right, they speak louder, they emote, they speak large overwhelming words, but within all of this the meaning is lost, why can't we just speak to each other to understand and to be understood? Not to convince or persuade, but to offer meaning and the betterment of each other? Instead of gaining such temporary happiness from winning a little argument? I mean, you can't win a conversation! And rightfully so!
22-25, M
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Maybe it's because of a better education but direct their words n then u will find!!!
Winterwanderer · 22-25, M
Opening a dictionary won't make me understand anything dx reading a dictionary won't make me understand much besides words
Yes even though u've tried!!!
Winterwanderer · 22-25, M
Tried what?
what if you realize something which you think is an essential thing that has to be known by others as well...
and what if the idea isn't really relatable to others... and you'd know that you'll be judged and they will probably just think that all you are speaking about is nothing but lies... what would you feel?
and, what if it really is important that if they wouldn't know about it, something not good will follow?
will you just sit still, and not try to tell or convince the others to believe in what you think is right?
what you are pointing is just a situation wherein the persuading is nothing but just some sort of self-building... I don't think it applies to every situation...
I respect your idea though... :)
Winterwanderer · 22-25, M
I didn't think you were dx I apologize, I'm just ardent in a lot of the things I say, I meant not to appear angry, but there is not always an exception to a rule, just because someone said that does not make it true, no ideas are so unreliable that you'd have to lie about them, or misconstrue/mislead, I don't see that as accurate.
yeah you're right... but I think the saying, "in every rule there will always be an exception" is somewhat really telling the truth and can be applicable to all... because even in it's application to things there are exceptions... I mean... it, itself can't really be guaranteed as applicable to all situations... haha :)
Winterwanderer · 22-25, M
It's like saying "Nothing is Absolute" that statement is absolute, so there are some things that are absolutely, I strive to speak in ways that are non-dogmatic.

I don't believe you should ever deceive someone for yourself, or because you think it's better for them, you should let them decide, I value truth highly, anything that sullies my word, or that could sully my word. I like my word to mean something, I won't propagate, use fallacies, lie, mislead, misconstrue, misdirect, I won't condone it dx I don't see any exception, feel free to give me something contrary to what I perceive and I'd gladly receive it (;

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