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Another good friend dies

Just heard that another good friend in recovery passed away this morning. He was on a ventilator for two days, they thought he was getting better so took him off it but he went down really quickly again and was lost in hours.

He was such an inspirational guy who completely turned his life around having found recovery whilst on a life stretch in Parkhurst. Going into prisons with him he used to inspire so many who think they've got no way back.

He was also the man who was there the day my mum died when I'd not been sober very long. He just stuck to me those days, took me to meetings and was there at my mum's funeral just to support me.

This year and this disease has been terrible for me.
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PepsiColaP · 22-25, F
I'm very sorry
LadyJ · 41-45, F
Im so sorry 😔
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
Sorry to hear this.
Diesel95 · 36-40, MVIP
Sorry to hear that dude I csn kinda relate cuz I'm about to lose my grandma
summersong · F
I’m so sorry 🤗
Daisy50 · 51-55, F
Hasmita · M
I'm sorry.
Peapod · 56-60, F
I am so very sorry. What a terrible thing to go through.

I am no stranger to this unfortunately. I know too many lose their battle that is truly a tough one. If you happen to be family or be a close friend, you know the terror that they could die at any time.

There is no such thing as ever being prepared for such a traumatic loss.

I'm glad he was able to reach you. It sounds like your friend gave a lot in his life. I hope you have a good support system to get through this.
Eddiesolds · 56-60, M
I'm so sorry Nuno
Ambroseguy80 · 51-55, M
Sorry for your loss.
JustNik · 46-50, F
It sure has. I’m so sorry Nunos.
KJTinkles · F
I’m so sorry to hear that my friend :(
alan20 · M
My condolences. Clearly you were lucky to have known him. These people who make out its all a conspiracy really anger me.
Pinkstarburst · 51-55, F
I’m so sorry for your loss 😢
Vegasfor30 · 56-60, M
So sorry ☹️

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