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I Give Relationship Advice But Am Terrible At Relationships

The human ego.
Our desire for praise and acknowledgement.
From others.
Is the #1 cause of emotional pain when it is not given or reciprocated.
It is almost as if we feel as if we are “nothing” if others don’t find worth in us.
First and foremost I will tell you what I find to be self evident:

“Love” as people call it means being pleased in most of your 5 senses by someone, being available to those related by blood to you based on a taught/cultural bias, and most importantly someone being harmless towards you. If we want to include the crux of human to human relationship, well we have to be pleasing, productive, and harmless or we are sent to be “fixed” to be functional to someone or something in this life here on earth.

Will we be let down by “love”?

The answer is a loud and resounding YES. We don’t want to mold ourselves completely after anothers’ will and desires and they don’t want to mold themselves to fit our will and desires either. So the middle ground of compromise must be found, if it can be found at all to make a relationship work.

No, there is nothing wrong with you. Well others will say there is something “wrong” with you for the sake of the subjective purpose they want to use you for BUT in the larger scope of objectivity you are simply different from A E P and the rest. Different. Not better or worse. Not ugly or beautiful. Different. All these man-made labels were simply invented for the sake of identification with an idea and the building up of the ego.

Take a deep breath.

And let go of the CARE of all the labels people ascribe to you.
Of all the ideas, thoughts, and ways in which you figure others think of you.

It doesn’t matter.

Because your worth and sanctity of life is not contingent on how useful you are to their subjective desires, but on how you treat yourself and cope with a world you didn’t choose in the first place and were forced to adapt to on the verge of reward and punishment.

Each and every single one of us have one thing in common.

We are creatures looking for pleasure to escape the pain of the present moment of what we feel we have no control or say over.

We want to be free.

But know we are trapped by the endless conditions and statutes set up by a society that was here millennia before our existence.

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I Give Relationship Advice But Am Terrible At Relationships
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