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I Believe SushiRed Is Awesome

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[image=] Stop by sometime for a morning cup of coffee, hmm? I promise it'll be entertaining... 😁. Happy Thursday, darlings!
46-50, F
43 replies
Aug 2, 2018
GJOFJ3 · 61-69, M
I'm afraid I'd spill my coffee. ☺
SushiRed · 46-50, F
[@11768,GJOFJ3] lol no no, why would you do that?
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Lugubrio · 51-55, M
I'll bring pastries
TheotherAndy · 36-40, M
Stunning! :)
Classified · 31-35, M
You'll have nice snacks? 😊
SushiRed · 46-50, F
[@444927,Classified] I will make lemon poppy seed muffins, how does that sound? And we'll have strawberries and cream too 😊.
Classified · 31-35, M
[@587635,SushiRed] That sounds great. 😁
I actually don't drink coffee, but I'll be content with simply water. 😌
Just4fun · 46-50, M
I bet it would be 😄😄☕️☕️
BearDownChicago · 36-40, M
I could use a 3rd or 4th cup by now
SW User
I like coffee.
RoxClymer · 36-40, M
I would really enjoy that
ToyMan · 51-55, M
Sounds like a great invitation. :)
Barebum61 · 56-60, M
😍will do , looks like you mean business😍
SushiRed · 46-50, F
[@562276,Barebum61] i'm pretty darn serious about my breve, yes sir! 😊
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I Believe SushiRed Is Awesome
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Stop by sometime for a morning cup of coffee, hmm... | I Believe SushiRed Is Awesome | Similar Worlds