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I Believe SushiRed Is Awesome

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Stop by sometime for a morning cup of coffee, hmm? I promise it'll be entertaining... 馃榿. Happy Thursday, darlings!
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46-50, F
43 replies
Aug 2, 2018
Sounds like a lovely offer
Mugin1641-45, M
What a pity I don't drink coffee.
SushiRed46-50, F
[@393432,Mugin16] no reason to stop by then? Darn lol
Mugin1641-45, M
[@587635,SushiRed] Of course I will stop by. I just won't drink coffee. How about a hot chocolate?
SushiRed46-50, F
[@393432,Mugin16] perfect! I can even do white hot chocolate if ya wanna be fancy. I will put whipped cream on it for you baby 馃槉
This message was deleted by its author.
CallmeJenny6926-30, M
I would love to have coffee with you mistress 馃槏
Snyderp6951-55, M
I'll bring the cream.
SushiRed46-50, F
[@517376,Snyderp69] lmao!! ... unless you mean dairy, in which case I just have a really dirty mind...
Snyderp6951-55, M
[@587635,SushiRed] I have the same dirty mind.
SushiRed46-50, F
Yep, you do! 馃槈馃槈
Snyderp6951-55, M
Simply gorgeous
UserNameSW41-45, M
Good morning
ReneeT56-60, M
Now that is a very tempting offer. A little coffee, a nice chat, perfect way to spend a morning. Be right there
I will bring over some cream and a stirring stick 馃槈
[@587635,SushiRed] well, you have to work for my cream, it just does not come from a bottle, the good thing is mine does not chill down your coffee, keeps it nice and hot.
SushiRed46-50, F
*groan* lol! Ya big flirt!
[@587635,SushiRed] ha, emphasis on *big* ! Ha!!
GJOFJ361-69, M
I'm afraid I'd spill my coffee. 鈽
SushiRed46-50, F
[@11768,GJOFJ3] lol no no, why would you do that?

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I Believe SushiRed Is Awesome
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