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Will you be happy to use SW on a mobile browser, if we made these adjustments to help it function more similar to an app? 馃摫
Hi Similar Worlds, We have a suggestion for a 馃摫 Mobile App 馃摫 and we need your opinion/feedback about it. Yesterday, we asked you what do you seek the most in a Similar Worlds Mobile App. If you want to see the Poll:
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58 replies
Apr 26, 2017
Edited: 3 yrs ago
Degbeme61-69, M
I don`t use my phone but I`m sure many other will be happy about this. Thank you for continually improving SW.
Invisible22-25, M
I think that push notifications would be the biggest improvement for the amount of effort required
shaelan36-40, M
I can 100% appreciate what you're saying here and fully support the "more similar to an app" development path which would continue using browser. Don't stretch your resources too thin and keep up the excellent work.
Nunos5056-60, M
I use sw almost exclusively on a browser (chrome) on an Android phone. I think how it works on the browser is more than adequate. If there was an app I'd probably stick to the browser frankly as why use up more memory for no better experience? So I'd suggest you don't focus on the app.

To me on ep a poorly featured, in comparison with the browser site, was something that undermined it as a site.
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Socialclutz31-35, M
Guess I don't really have any complaints about SW set up as it is
ExploreroftheUnknown22-25, M
I think that with every new endeavor, there will always be bad things that pop up. In my opinion, I think that an app would definitely drive in a lot more users. With that being said, I also believe that the overall environment of similar worlds could change as well. Right now, similar worlds is filled with supportive people and your occasional trolls. Creating an app might cause a bit more tension with everyone. For me,its kind of annoying not receiving notifications directly to my phone when the web browser is closed. An app would help that. I know a lot of old EPers who would come back if an app was created. People just have preferences. Ya know? It would be best if everyone had a choice on how they accessed similar worlds. Whether it be through an app, or web browser. No opinion towards this topic is a wrong one.

Looking forward to the app if it does become a thing. 馃憖
SW User
I use it on a mobile device and don't have any problems.
veeshalgreek31-35, M
Yes, please go ahead with these modifications.
bettylesswear22-25, F
I use the browser on my phone all the time with SW. It works just fine. The people demanding an app/complaining that it doesn't work right on a phone browser, sorry but the sounds like a phone problem to me. Maybe it's time for a phone upgrade. Also, there is several different browsers to try.

I'd rather the Admin concentrate on improving the site than being tied up on maintaining an app.
@bettylesswear: YES!!! And I hope they take this to heart and stop wasting money and time on something many do not want-or that is not needed.
@bettylesswear: Yes!!! I agree 馃憤馃憤馃憤

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