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Will you be happy to use SW on a mobile browser, if we made these adjustments to help it function more similar to an app? 馃摫
Hi Similar Worlds,
We have a suggestion for a 馃摫 Mobile App 馃摫 and we need your opinion/feedback about it.

Yesterday, we asked you what do you seek the most in a Similar Worlds Mobile App.

If you want to see the Poll:

The most voted answers were:

[b]Live Updating Chat Messages[/b]

[b]Instant/Push Notifications[/b]

[b]Better Performance (Faster)[/b]

We appreciate very much your feedback to us, and we want to ensure we provide you with the best we can.

Please note, however, that creating a Mobile App does not automatically bring these features/benefits to our users.

Although "Instant/Push Notifications" could be better supported by a mobile app, "Live Updating Chat Messages" is not a feature that is only possible on apps. We would still need to develop it, and we can do that on the website/browser. It wouldn't necessarily make any difference on the app, except for the Push Notifications (which is independent of the Live Updating Chat feature).

As for "Better Performance (Faster)", we can't see how Similar Worlds is slow, except when network is slow. Mobile apps may seem a bit faster in the way that they show old/cached contents before they refresh with new contents, while a website will show a blank page until the very first page is loaded. Otherwise, an app would likely perform as fast as a browser - but it mostly depends on the implementation. An app does not automatically mean it will perform better.

Unfortunately, we have a few reasons that are delaying us so much in making a mobile app:

1) Our workload will increase a lot, as we will have to maintain independent apps for different platforms, such as Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and numerous versions of those systems and devices.

2) We will have to re-implement parts of our website, as we have to adapt to the Terms of Services of each platform. As a small example, we are not allowed to use PayPal in our VIP payments on Android applications, we would have to use the Google In-app Payment system.

3) There may be other disadvantages to our users when using a mobile app versus using the browser. For example, you can't open links/posts in "new tabs", bookmark SW pages, etc.

4) From our past experience, and from using other apps, many times users can get crashes for reasons that have nothing to do with the app that crashed. That can decrease the level of user experience, while a Browser is developed by a huge team and is already very stable.

[c=#BF0000][big]Will you be happy to use SW on a mobile browser, if we made these adjustments to help it function more similar to an app? 馃摫[/big][/c]

This would be a normal application that would be downloaded from Google Play / App Store, but instead of Similar Worlds showing in a native/webview app, it would open SW in your default browser.

At the same time, it would support:
馃敂 [b]Push Notifications[/b] directly on your phone, even if your browser is not running
馃摬 [b]SW Icon on your App Drawer[/b] and (optionally) on your Homescreen
馃こ Directly Upload a Photo from your phone [b]Gallery to your SW albums[/b]
馃挰 [b]Share links/contents[/b] from other applications to SW

[big]Would the above replace the need of a full/native Mobile App for you?[/big]
[c=#BF0000][b]If the features above are supported, is there any other problem with using Similar Worlds on the browser?[/b][/c]
Please let us know in the comments below.

Thank you very much,
[c=#005E2F][i]- The SW Team[/i][/c]
26-30, MAdmin
58 replies
Apr 26, 2017
Edited: 2 yrs ago
juiceyangel33326-30, F
Yes please... I asked about this
For the love of all that is covered in cheese , No ! No app !
@Jay04Sch: FB is NOT a support site as EP was. EP was a niche site where issues and topics of folks could be dealt with one to one, with and by those who also have the same issue, FB is not that. FB is a SOCIAL site NOT a support site.

FB also has scads more dollars to invest in security and the infrastructure of the site that what small little EP , or SW has at their disposal.
Jay04Sch41-45, F
@Elandra77: Don't worry if SW does bring an application you under no obligation to use it. For those off us that are mobile it's a great idea.
@Jay04Sch: No I have no obligation- and I use a PC for the most part. BUT--It wil l bring those here who have no reason TO be here. 8-10 year olds, Korean Spammers, increased trolls. . miscreants and sexual deviants (male) and sexual predators(female) A free app enables them.

This site has 4 running it- and they also have day jobs- SW is NOT it. And that is going to be too much for 4!
Rarenelly36-40, F
I dont care for apps personally. I dont use facebook as an app and do not want updates coming through to my phone constantly. I like the website how it is.
it sounds cool to me
I don't really care for a app of this site. I have learned it doesn't really work as good
MasterLee51-55, M
I prefer a self contained app. Kind of useless if it opens the browser
MasterLee51-55, M
@YJTurner: I have a bunch of issues with the mobile browser
@MasterLee: try a different browser, or go in settings and view as desktop?
Different browsers will work different on different phones
JaggedLittlePill41-45, F
Yes, I think this would be a good alternative.
I don't use apps as such but I appreciate that Admin take the time to involve users in decisions like this.
I'm quite happy with this. I wouldn't be using the app. It seems like a lot of work for you guys. Good luck.
ChasingBrainBros31-35, M
I'm probably not the ideal opinion on this as I'm perfectly happy using a browser, but I'd vote for whatever keeps your workload down because the site is more likely to stay up :)
SW User
@ChasingBrainBros: what he said!! 馃憜馃徏

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