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馃敟 What is your favorite VIP benefit? 馃専
Boost Block/Mute Limits
View Profile Visitors
Invisible when visiting Profiles
Know when others Read your PM
Boost Album Limits
Close your Posts
Remove All Ads
See Hearts on all Posts
See Last Online Times
Optional VIP Badge
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Hi everyone!
We are currently making big improvements for VIP users, and we need to know what do you like the most in the current existing benefits.
125 replies
May 18, 2019
SW User
It has to be the Block/Mute limits. 馃槄
Id love to be able to see poll results 馃憖 and who viewed my posts 馃憖
sarabee199522-25, F
[@663504,hyg346] Agreed. For most polls that I vote on (not all, but most) I would not vote if someone could see my vote.
[@25627,Selah] 馃槹Nuuu
strongbow41-45, M
[@25627,Selah] Just say NO to who can see poll results
SW User
VIP Gifting 馃槄
SW User
[@813091,FriesAndSundae] so you saying you want someone to gift you VIP? 馃槒
[@813091,FriesAndSundae] It's already possible to gift VIP to someone. I just never thought that would be a "favorite VIP feature" 馃槃
SW User
[@663504,hyg346] [@2,Nuno] 馃槀 it's just because I've been gifted a VIP by a kind hearted person here. Hahahahha
Iamyourdaddy22-25, M
1)Block /mute is something useful .

2) profile visitors and invisible mode is good feature

3)'seen' is also pretty useless for me. I don't really need to know whether they read it or not.

4) seeing who hearted, last online times and VIP badge is also useless. Most VIPs don't really use the badge

I want new benefits.

1) getting more coins quickly so that I can gift people.

2) a much, much better SW customer support

3) VIP reports should be of higher priority

[@854020,awesomusmaximus] Thank you. But, can you please be more specific how can we give you "better support"? I just want to understand exactly what you mean with that, so we can improve. :)
SW User
[@854020,awesomusmaximus] Being able to laugh everything off in yourself, is not enough support?
Iamyourdaddy22-25, M
[@2,Nuno] I posted something about racist harassment a month+ ago . I think I even messaged you (or some mod) about it.

Received no help. I was so mad about it.
The reason I got it was to close a Post just in time. It was getting more confrontative than I had planned but all of the benefits listed I have found useful.
[@3118,Pfuzylogic] Yes - we do find that some posts really need to be Closed. It's a good "moderation" feature for the users.
User4131-35, M
Hey nuno.

Why are you ignoring my messages 馃え
[@646421,User41] Dude..馃槄
[@646421,User41]*bites u*馃槷
User4131-35, M
what? 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檪锔

I鈥檇 be an awesome admin 馃槑
I love them all 馃構

I suggest premium gifts only VIPs could give lol
[@25627,Selah] 馃き馃挏
[@63022,Dewms] that would be cool.
Phire146-50, F
I don't have VIP status and don't care to
Phire146-50, F
[@2,Nuno] It didn't used to be that way
[@480668,Phire1] It was always like that almost since we launched Similar Worlds.
Phire146-50, F
[@2,Nuno] No, when I first joined it was not like this. Thank you for your time and help.
Kindheartedguy41-45, M
Hmmm. Removing ads or boosted block limits???
Kindheartedguy41-45, M
This poll should have probably been reversed.

鈥淲hich is your least favorite benefit?鈥

Because there are at least five benefits in that list that are required. If any of those went away, I would be gone for good.

edit: corrected bad spelling
[@337992,Kindheartedguy] Thank you. That's not the case. We're not going to remove any feature. We really just want to know what are our users' favorites :)
What are you best 5?
Kindheartedguy41-45, M
My must haves:
Remove ads
Boost block/mute limits
More photos
Profile views

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