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🐰 🥚 Hello, Similar Worlds! 🐤 🐇 The SW Team is pleased to provide you with an update of what has been implemented since our last announcement last week. • Message Introduction 💌 and Privacy Improvements We have released a great new feature: Messa...
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Apr 7, 2018
Edited: 2 yrs ago
I like to see the support. Ignore the naysayers when you know you're doing the right thing. They will always be there. Thanks, guys. Keep it up. 🖤
beckyromero · 31-35, F
Great additions!!!

That private message introduction is an especially good idea.

Thank you for all you do
SW User
Love the new layout
Peaches · F
Why was the layout on our profile changed, I thought it looked great the way it was?!🤔Well maybe some wallpaper would be nice...✨⭐😉
MeisterAndrew · 36-40, M
[@100,SW-Help] I don't understand why you'll leave it simply because you don't consider it important. It's already implemented when past the page so obviously you have a way of checking the number of profiles and it can be adjusted to no longer show when reaching the last profile.

Similarly it shouldn't be hard to show more pages for groups and posts. These are day fixes.

[quote=SW-Help]There is no malfunctioning I'm aware of.[/quote]
Several people have complained about this not being able to message people they should be able to or not being able to message someone back. Obviously there are some issues and like people have suggested the only censorship that should exist is through our own settings.
Highonheels · 46-50, M
[@100,SW-Help] ok wow that was a quick change it was just yesterday that it was different thanks for making it easier to access the list
MeisterAndrew · 36-40, M
[@100,SW-Help] You say there's no malfunctioning of the system you're aware of, yet I can't view the profile of someone I'm friends with and have to use another one to do it.
Elizabeth28 · 26-30, T
love it
Hey, [@100,SW-Help], or should I say, the other, darker-featured Jim Halpert: Do you ever get really irritated when all you wanted to do was post an update but everyone pounces with random, nonessential questions simply because there's a Mod around?
EugenieLaBorgia · 26-30, F
SW-Help (Hmm...almost Portuguese!). At any time, are the SW 'wizard texhnology team' considering removing the indicator bar which states that the message has been deleted? It tarnishes the post of the author and creates an impression that is not entirely favourable with the author's readership or the authors and authoresses. 'Newcomers' - as well as 'seasoned' authors - would be encouraged far more to create posts without the, often'obliterated, page-blemished and unsavoury remarks often scattered precariosly on that which they consider, rightly or wrongly, as 'their personal page'. It would be 'good for business' and perpetuate a far more constructed 'environment' amongst the authors and authoresses. Oh, and can we have a more regal robot. Perhaps, something like this:-

MeisterAndrew · 36-40, M
[@669203,EugenieLaBorgia] I second this.
Highonheels · 46-50, M
[@669203,EugenieLaBorgia] yea I get what your saying leaving all the deleted status bars on your posts doesn’t really make it appear any better for the author much less those that reply to the post . I gotcha .
EugenieLaBorgia · 26-30, F
[@3220,Highonheels] Yes and those who like to disrupt the posts intentionally do not have the pleasure to see their 'marks of mischief' displayed on the post itself. Those who have that malevolent intent to disrupt view these marks as though they were 'trophies'. It becomes an, almost, pathological desire to accrue such marks which, in their turn, encourage the miscreants to be even more disruptive. Authors and authoresses may liken it to those foregone days where ink and blotting-paper were used; nothing is worse than seeing words, often, thoughfully-composed, covered in ink blots. A well-presented script creates a healthy sense of literary accomplishment and encourages the writer to create more. I, for one, have no qualms in witnessing my comments - which some may find inappropriate - removed from their posts or comments. Refining the site, honing our emotional responses and our manner of literary expression creates a stimulating environment rather than one where 'internet sedition' is, sometimes, anticipated by authors and authoresses. In the corporeal world, our choices to impact on our societies are often curbed through the sheer number of opinions and actions, each, in their own turn, clamouring for some tiny shred of sinewy recognition. Here, on this site, our 'world' is more insular creating a greater cohesion amongst members and giving them the ability to impact on the course of the existence of that world with greater purpose and clarity. Finally: "You just gotta love that robot!!"
Elizabeth28 · 26-30, T
could we customize our profile like colors and back grounds??
Peaches · F
[@100,SW-Help] I hope not because some of us are poor, but rich in other areas! 😊💫
MeisterAndrew · 36-40, M
[@364304,Peaches] Most basics things on EP was free, as they are on other forums.
Peaches · F
[@611099,MeisterAndrew] They did sell t-shirts at one time.👕I got one and then months later got the returned check?! 😁I was laughing about it on EP and one of the staff members saw my post, she just said "I'm glad we could at least gift you with a shirt." 😯I asked if she wanted me to resend the money but I never got a reply, haha!
Socram · M
Thanks for all these great updates.!
Hey SW-Help:
Im a new guy here and I am enjoying the site . You guys get it done right. But in my case...having a sometimes bold and blunt sence of humor... I managed to put my foot in my mouth in such a short time with some real cool people which I feel I have offended and have been blocked. If I had a chance to take it back I would definitely rethink the delivery of my humor that was offencive.
-With that being said:
I would like to submit a suggestion with SW. Once a person is blocked... Its impossible to apologize after the contact is closed. Is it possible to request a plea for forgiveness from the person that did the block. You know-letting them know that it was a misunderstanding and the chance to apologize. They can accept or deny the request. Probably in the heat of the moment they will most likely deny but they will be aware that an attempt to correct/apologize
Has been made. In which case they have denied but knowing the regret from the blocked member. Then maybe a week later,,a final plea is allowed and maybe after the dust cleared ...Gain they may accept or deny the final plea. And either i can lose/save a friend ?
---hoping for a positive response. 😬
Thanks SW-Help for you time.
---- Socram-
Peaches · F
[@3220,Highonheels] You'd NEVER get the truth. 😏
Socram · M
[@364304,Peaches] i just would take a shot at it tho but?
Highonheels · 46-50, M
[@364304,Peaches] more than likely yes
Protocol2000 · 18-21, M
And still no news on the app! At least make it possible for us to know that we've got notifications through email! Please 🙏!
Protocol2000 · 18-21, M
[@100,SW-Help] any idea when such options will be available for iPhones?
[@360912,Protocol2000] Unfortunately, that totally depends on when Apple decides to develop those modern technologies :)
Protocol2000 · 18-21, M
Oh... Goddamn it... 🤦‍♂️ One final question though... Will the app be launched in 2018 or should we wait till next year? [@100,SW-Help]

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