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Please someone just punch me馃槶
I hate sending text messages to people that are suspenseful.
I just wanted to take it back and go back to never waiting to an answer 馃槶馃槶
26-30, F
9 replies
Apr 11, 2019
*concocts fruit punch*

If you're saying "I hate how long people take to reply to messages."

I hate it too, then again I am almost always at my computer and am pretty impatient with conversations when it goes like waaay too long between messages.
Get a hold of yourself.
*slap slap slap slap*
Still tryin' to hit up the married guy?
Stray4life26-30, F
[@607184,OldGregg] haha 馃槶 no je keeps trying to find out my real feeling and I'm like WE ARE FRIENDS (even tho I want more ) it's so stressful I don't want to say anything to destroy our friend ship
[@690828,Stray4life] If he really wants to get with ya, make it clear he has to drop his wife first before anything happens.
Stray4life26-30, F
Yeah that is 100% a must .
kingfish2726-30, M
Rickg26-30, M
*flicks you*
BozoBoy31-35, M
That would be rather rude but I have no morals so okay 馃
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