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I Got Something To Say

Note: If you don’t like this post then leave and go away. But the aftermath of mass shootings are about as predictable as horror movies. The shootings happen, we offer condolences, prayers and thoughts, then when we want to pass legislation that would attempt to prevent this shit from happening, the other side cries foul and says “it’s too early to politicize” and then we hear the same schtick from the NRA and the second GUNmendment people. Every. Single. Time. You can go back just a few months and you can count the mass shootings on your hands and feet 30 times over. You can keep spamming this tripe that you have guns to protect you from a tyrannical government. But WAKE UP! You would not do squat with your dinky rifles. You need to wake up from this Rambo ninja Wyatt Earp fantasy you’re living in. You would lose. Every. Single. Time. And I would hate for the government to go tyrannical. Anyone with a brain would. So just knock it off with this fantasy. WAKE UP!!!! I’m so tired of going through the same crap after every mass shooting. It’s really gotten to the point where we are no longer surprised by this because it’s an every day thing. So please NRA, GOP stop pretending that your guns are the solution. I don’t know if there are any brain cells left in your empty little head but THE GUNS ARE THE PROBLEM!!! They always have been. Stop with this “but it’s the humans” crap. You just keep moving the goal posts and making more excuses. Like using cars and hammers as an argument even though we all know it’s a shit argument. It was a shit argument then. It’s a shit argument now. Gawd this shit is getting old already. You know this a real problem when someone like me who absolutely hates humanity is pointing out the flaws in this whole 2nd amendment and mass shooting nonsense. I shouldn’t be pissed off but I am. BECAUSE THIS IS AVOIDABLE!!!!! The second amendment applied to MUSKETS!!!!! You know the gun that took 20 minutes to load?! It didn’t apply to the guns they have now. You say you defend freedom, then why don’t you start acting like it. This seems to be the only amendment that you guys have a problem grasping for some reason. I’ll be back here venting my frustration because this WILL happen again and we can have that deja vu feeling... see you in a few days...
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As an English lad, I can say that getting a gun here is significantly easier than most believe.

So there are citizens and gangs with guns and the police don't have anything to defend themselves.

Guns are a necessary evil. Sometimes they are needed. Should every citizen be allowed one? Definitely not. It sure makes sense, though.

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