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I "don't Judge A Book By Its Cover"

Me in my pole dancing outfit walks into costa tonight , can’t sit near the window away from people so I go and sit at a two chair table in the corner. A lady say about in her 40s constantly steering at me and giving me weird looks , I say I do dancing. She then finally looks away and goes on her phone. I put my stuff down and I go and get a drink. And go and sit down and she looks again like really disapproving then looks away. Just because I show off my legs and wear a leotard doesn’t make me a slut or a bad person and doesn’t mean I’m looking for anything. Stop judging people on their choice of clothes. And I had to get changed at the bus station as my class starts at 6pm and I can’t keep walking through someone else’s class and disturbing it and my anxiety stops me from doing that so that’s why I walk to class like that. I get this every time I go out like this. It’s the 21st century , normalise people showing their legs and wearing leotards. The days when women wouldn’t show their ankles are over 😂🤣
Lee124 · F
You should continue to wear clothes that you're comfortable in. Let people think what they want, their opinion is not relevant. If its not what you are wearing it will be something else, so f'em. Be the best 'you' you know how to be.
SW User
[@1021619,Lee124] that’s the best advice ❤️
I have never liked judgemental people. Get to know someone before you make a decision about them.
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[@573519,Privatehell] same , my parents taught me that when I was little. I always dress different and people get the wrong idea or are scared or judge or harass me , it’s really hard , many of times I have to explain why I dress the way I do. With pole dancing my instructor told me the more I show the better as skin helps you grip to the pole better so that’s another reason I wear what I do , I think it’s mainly that people aren’t used to seeing stuff like that.
[@894525,RedvelvertPinny] well just be you, and let them have their issues. The problem is them, not you.
SW User
[@573519,Privatehell] ❤️
So... have you always been able to read minds🤔
SW User
[@1060,KingLionHeart] well if someone’s acting disapproving or looking at you strange I Think body language says it all

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