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I feel a lot...

[b]She's The One I Dream About
*This is purely fiction*

I Love deeply without limits. It from my heart and from my soul. It’s a tender as a floating butterfly in the spring or summer breeze. Its bold as a raging wave and passionate as a beast that she brings out in me. Between here and another couple of sights we became friends first. Talk or chatted, sent pictures and told each other the favorites and the secrets we hold dear.
The best rendition of how to take care of your girl is how you treat her on a regular basis. No worries of what you get in return. YOU will get it back in dump truck size loads. Especially if she’s never had a man treat her right and you are patient enough to wait for her to not be afraid anymore. You have won her trust.

Perfect night into day for me would be, Giving my girl a bath. Be in the tub with her. I even caused her to laugh when I said told her once I would just step into the tub with my clothes on…kissing her as I slid into the water…hearing her laughter and giggling out loud. I kiss her harder and tell her, “I have thought of you all day!” She kisses back with a fire in her eyes.

I soap her up and wash her body, wash her hair. Hell, I’ll even shave her without leaving a scratch or razor burn. All the while telling her how important she is to me. Pinching and probing as I go along. Rubbing all her girly parts and make it so she can’t speak. Pull her out and push her to the bed, and roughly bend her over the bed. Burying my face into what’s exposed and presented to me. Make her gasp! Maybe say dirty exclamations in flour letter words.
She reaches back and pull my head closer and tells me what she wants. Telling me does not want to wait, either. She knows what she wants. We make sure the neighbors know our names and they know to cover the children’s ears if any walk by the house. We are making up for lost time away.
We make sure she is tortured by orgasms and I have at least two over the top fillings in her. I cuddle her and pull her close. We talk a little and snuggle. And she wills her pretty butt against me, telling me I am secure near her sex. She is an exquisite communicator. Her body made for sin. I don’t even know how or why I deserve her. Of course, she doesn’t see it that way. She will say I’m being silly or I don’t know what I am talking about…Anyways
Next morning, I get up, cover her up in the sheet, I shower and shave, Got to the kitchen. Finally finding the coffee, using braille, and all its fixings. I know she likes it white and sweet. I go out into the yard and get a flower for her room. I bring it into the room, her coffee and the fragrant flower. I hold it under her nose…and she smiles, she stretches and says she was awake at the smell of the coffee… Putting her arm around my neck pulling me into her, I feel her naked breast squash into my arm and kisses me. “Honey you have no idea what this small jester does for me.” She saw the coffee made for her and the flower, asking, “What have you got planned?”
I answer with a smile looking her in the eyes, “we are going to market. We are going to get stuff for dinner fresh and we are going to have lunch”. She smiled and said, you better get out of here, so I can get ready, or We won’t make it to dinner. I left and went into the kitchen, checking her cupboards to find what spices I may need. She came out into the kitchen, wearing a sun dress. Her hair up in a ponytail. Simply beautiful. I sat there in awe and loved her, even more, memorizing this very spot and day. She held my hand and put it under her dress and I felt she was baby smooth bot front and her beautiful butt bare to. My heart skipped and she giggled at my face by her “commando” presentation. I ran my hand up her thigh and back down, knowing the stroking would make her wet. I stood and kissed her, as we went out the door.

Holding hands and laughing and I watching her checking all the hand-crafted items in each pop up tent. She made me laugh, looking excited like a little girl at her first carnival. I found some tenderloin and some fresh potatoes. A lettuce head and fresh tomatoes. She found a small top and some sexy shorts to drive me crazy later. I so loved her skin and he spirit. She is my breath and what makes my heart beat. I have said, “I know what heaven is, for I’m in love with an angel”…[/b]

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