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I'm trying to have a friendship with him but he seems conflicted, any advice?

This guy has liked me for a while (just acts strange sometimes like imagine when your crush walks by and you try to act natural- it's very unnatural and obvious I think I hear alarm bells whenever he sees me and his behaviour quickly shifts) after I noticed he might like me, I started liking him a lot but we only see each other in a public space so our conversations are limited and I'm starting to think he's married or at least committed to someone else. Same guy as my last post, he is older and we have talked casually and he's told me about his kid but never mentions if he's with his kids mother, he has never said "my wife" or "girlfriend" or "partner" he just says "at home..." My gut says he's with someone because if he wasn't he wouldn't act so conflicted when he's around me - up and down on and off friend to stranger. He's never just normal with me, he's either excited to talk to me or actively avoiding any contact with me. I feel like he's upset by the situation and I am too. Sometimes when I go to speak to him, he tenses up and wont make eye contact and will hardly make a sound and tries to shuffle away from me so obviously that's a big rejection there. Yes I like him but all I'm trying to do is be friends, I don't have many friends and definitely no male friends, I'm not eager to date either but I am romantic at heart. I just want us to get to know each other because I've already seen so many similarities between us but he makes me feel like that's somehow inappropriate..? I don't come on strong or flirt either just friendly and ask questions about him. There is this other woman who is often around us too (public space) she likes him but she is very obvious about it giving him bedroom eyes and trying to be near him and I saw he would always turn his back to her, never talk to her and if she said hello he would give a quick hello back in an stern way. If he is like this because he is with someone, that just makes me like him even more because a loyal person is my type. Im usually a pesimist so believe me I have overanalyzed how he is with everyone and he acts towards me like there is feeling there, soft spoken, attentive listener, laughs at my dumb jokes, stands close to me and looks into my eyes with his sparkling eyes, but thats on the days he is engaging with me, other days he has his guard way up and he keeps going back and forth between the two. Any advice?
He might like being around you..

Some men love to get the attention of ladies and that's all satisfactory to them ...

they stay silent about their private life...

My advice: If he wanted you enough, he would tell you or invite you on a date... If he hasn't and if it is taking long, then perhaps attention is all he needs from you...

Give him the attention but save your heart and keep your love for someone who wants you and loves who you are....
for someone who is brave enough to tell you that he is interested...

I hope this helps...

Thank you dear Joe...

Good morning my dear friend.. 馃
SweetFantasy26-30, F
[@1067,Soossie] thank you for your helpful answer 馃槉
river5261-69, M
[@1067,Soossie] [@1201494,SweetFantasy] listen to Soossie......I couldn't say it any better than her..
He may be terrified of rejection and have some self doubt issues . You could be too good to be true ... and he is too shy to take the next step. Break the ice , say hello to him when you see him . See if you can gain his confidence
SweetFantasy26-30, F
[@113373,TexChik] It definitely does look that way sometimes and once I am able to ask if he's single and if he is then I'm sure this was the issue all along. He is a nice person but it's clear to see he doesn't have the biggest confidence and that makes him humble in my opinion. Many thanks for your advice.
[@1201494,SweetFantasy] you can just walk up to him and ask him if he is married or taken . If he鈥檚 not then ask him out to someplace where you can visit and see if you want any further contact. 馃槈
SweetFantasy26-30, F
[@113373,TexChik] Up to this point everything has been subtle. He is more subtle than I, he wanted to know my age so he made a comment about how young I must be but didn't actually ask my age. I wanted to know if hes with someone so I ask about his hobbies, holidays, home life but so far no mention of a partner. Looks like there could be someone he doesn't want to go there with me, maybe they're having issues. Everything between us has been unspoken and assumptions. I am straight forward so I did ask him if talking to me was bothering him because sometimes he looks like he wants to get away and he was really nice and said of course not that he likes talking to me. I saw no ring but I will ask if he's married now because I need some way forward from here. Thank you 馃槉
Dragfan820036-40, M
just give it. some time and then be honest with him. men like honesty and so do ladies. so if u r honest he will see it and know ur telling the truth
Dragfan820036-40, M
[@1201494,SweetFantasy] well just trying to help hun. hope it works for u
SweetFantasy26-30, F
[@416946,Dragfan8200] you have helped hopefully I didnt sound rude thanks for boosting my confidence
Dragfan820036-40, M
[@1201494,SweetFantasy] ur welcome i hoep u dont mind my msg to. because i would like to make my self available to u. if u need my help
Pretzel61-69, M
I'm of the opinion that if I guy likes you he won't make it hard for you.

and you won't make it hard for him.

if he isn't asking you out - maybe it's time to move on
SweetFantasy26-30, F
[@15458,Usedtohaveanoffensiveusername] I do agree with that as a blanket statement but some people are complicated. They have insecurities, things going on with them, right person wrong time etc.
I am interested in the advice ladies provide you
SweetFantasy26-30, F
[@6757,questionWeaver] nobody yet.

You posed a difficult question ... am sure they are thinking on it
Guys act weird especially when they get approached by someone they like. He must have thought that you will friendzone him so.

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