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Race baiting bullshit will destroy America?

One of my friends on facebook shared an article about a white dude who sex trafficked 700 something black girls. I'm gonna assume this is true... why mention the race? More black men per capita pimp out white women than white men pimp out black women... WAY more, but I would not just bring that stat up randomly, and never have brought it up until someone brings up this silly shit. People WANT to find interracial violence, and it's kind of sick and twisted. Not to be too tin foil, but it's hard for me not to buy into the idea that people legit want to divide the races, how else can I make sense of some peoples behavior in the media?

Interracial cases of violence have been reported as international news when they would have been reported locally had they been intraracial.
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pagandad · 61-69, M
Race will always be a problem as long as race is a basis for privilege, one way or another. Since "affirmative action" Caucasians and Asians have been discriminated against in hiring and college admissions because of their race, while Blacks and Hispanics have received privileges. This is, of course a reversal of what was most people consider a dark period in American history where all non whites were discriminated against. Until our nation rises above ALL forms of discrimination based on race, and judges people by "the content of their character and not the color of their skin," will these problems begin to be overcome.

The news media foster hatred between the races. Stories about interracial crime and violence grab readers and viewers attention, se3ll papers, or boost ratings. This is a sad fact, and only contributes to continued racial problems in our nation.

Certain politicians also thrive because of racial division. They foster it by telling their minority constituents that they are downtrodden and that only by electing that politician will they have a voice for change. They foment racial division to further their political career.

All these things contribute to the problems of race in America. For the vast majority race makes no difference in their decisions about other people. It is the media, politicians, and minority leaders who prosper by division who are at the root of the problem. The sooner they are called out on this, and shamed for their efforts to divide the American People, the sooner we can begin to eliminate this problem.
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