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31-35, F
Medium. Approachable. Self -esteem issues for sure tho
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Cinderella 😁. I'm broke so I cannot be your prince charming unfortunately
36-40, M
For My SW Groupie
happy fries easter :D yes im letting you eat them this time :)
22-25, M
Your orange juice πŸ˜‡
31-35, F
For the birthday girl πŸ₯³
Kol 3am w nti b 1000 kheir
26-30, M
Hope you’re feeling better
Get well soon buddy πŸ€—β€
22-25, M
A full pizza topped with worms πŸͺ±

Eat your protein πŸ™‚
The Palestinian flag was my idea , please do send the Palestinian flag as gifts to other people in support of it ❀️ #Palestineforever
26-30, F
Sending Love πŸ€—
Enjoy this flag of your home country πŸ˜„
I found a coffee bean behind my bed. You can has it.
36-40, M
For My SW Groupie
lol you always crack me up
i want our friendship on sw to go through another year so emm im gonna give you some fries happy 2022 :D
41-45, M
Hiya x
Here is a kitten 🐈 😊
22-25, M
Happy holidaysπŸ€—β„οΈπŸ’™
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year πŸ˜„
26-30, MVIP
Merry Christmas! :3
Merry Christmas
Hope you get one full of nice things and some surprises
56-60, M
You seem like a very nice intelligent lady.
You seem so nice :)
You're very pretty and you seem really sweet.
Have a fantastic day!
36-40, M
For My SW Groupie
36-40, M
you have great character skills