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I will share the saddest way the friendship between me and one of my only true friend broke. Do you feel I was mean or I was just young?

Back in 2012-starting of 2016, when I was in 7th to 10th grade, there was a boy named Vrishab in my class. Back in 7th grade, we became best friends and were almost inseparable and used to sit next to each other in class and also eat lunch together. He used to act very matured for a 7th grader whereas I was probably the most childish and naive. I still remember he gave me Lego Racers and GTA Vice city without me having to ask him too. He also used to say the bullies like Arjun to stop when he used to bully me. He also used to help me with anything I needed and always used to say we are best friends. But I was very childish so he used to often say me to grow up and act more matured. But he was very skinny and short compared to me so I used to beat him and make him cry when he used to give advises to me. Sometimes I used to beat him just to show my strength too and he was really weak compared to me. My punches used to hurt him badly as he was very skinny so he used to cry but still he used to forgive me. Even my class boys like Arjun, Sai Prasad used to make fun of us saying "stop having romance". It was embarrassing so I used to avoid him too. Some of my a**hole class boys like Sharath used to say me to not be his friend too orelse he wouldn't let me participate in group activities. I was an a**hole too and used to complain on him to my mom even if he just made harmless jokes on me. My mom also used to think I was too innocent and scold him. He was also my best friend in 8th grade and same thing used to happen. Still he was always with me in our Country Club school trip. At the end of 8th grade, I had complained on him again to my mom about something and teacher came to know and thats when our friendship almost broke. Things became worse in 9th grade as the bullying by Arjun increased and I had no friends at all. In 10th grade too it was about the same but Vrishab used to sometimes talk to me but we never became so close again. But still he was the only one who gave me birthday wishes even after he changed school in 2016 after 10th grade. That shows he was the only true friend. Good thing was that I said him sorry in 2018 but its been years since we talked.

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