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I Am a Home Nudist

Had a girls day. Me, my mother, my daughter, sister in law and her daughters. All nude slouched on the sofas round my mums house. Just drank coffee and chatting.
SW User
That sounds like the perfect family get together
KatieJ · 22-25, F
[@882343,Tiannah] it does sound perfect
SandraB · 36-40, F
[@882343,Tiannah] Was lovely
thesilentgirl · 26-30, F
That's awesome !
SandraB · 36-40, F
[@858991,thesilentgirl] Maybe next time 😊
thesilentgirl · 26-30, F
[@856183,SandraB] thanks :)
SandraB · 36-40, F
[@858991,thesilentgirl] No worries 😉
pennynoodles · 51-55, F
I hope you all sat on towels. I'm not sure I like the idea of bottom sweat on my sofas......or my mum naked for that matter.
SandraB · 36-40, F
[@14495,pennynoodles] Sat on blankets. I’ve always been around my mum naked, it’s more weird to see her clothed if I’m honest.
nudydude · 56-60, M
[@14495,pennynoodles] respectful nudist always have something to sit on.

Bare Hugs
rudegirl · 46-50, F
So nice to feel so relaxed n chilled, i wish i was as confident as you lucky guys
This message was deleted by its author.
Rhodesianman · 56-60, M
sounds like the perfect evening
ProThrall · 26-30, F
bare feet and all lol
Justsimple · 46-50, M
Can just imagine a man being amongst you ladies....he will have a erection most of the time i guess
kaf9292 · 70-79, M
[@792142,Justsimple] Only a PRUDE would get an erection. A true nudist has had several years of experience with social nudity.
justanothername · 51-55, M
It sounds like your whole family are at home nudists ?
SandraB · 36-40, F
[@539784,justanothername] we are
ERowe18 · 22-25, F
Those are always the best days. Too lazy to get up or put clothes on ect
SW User
were they leather sofas?
justanothername · 51-55, M
Do you often do girly days?
Diesel95 · 36-40, MVIP
Sounds like the perfect day to mwe
Dominantsoul · 51-55, M
I am at home too but I prefer the beach it just feels more freeing. Amongst others the same
SandraB · 36-40, F
[@792764,tropicaltiger] It was 😊
poshnaturist · 51-55, M
All families should be comfortable nude together
Sounds like a memorable day. I love it.
justanothername · 51-55, M
Sounds very relaxing :)
Exhibiter100000 · 56-60, M
Very nice
nudydude · 56-60, M
best way to relax. Hope you enjoy a nice day off free from stress

Bare Hugs
RodionRomanovitch · 56-60, M
SandraB · 36-40, F
[@842204,MrWhoS77] Yes they are I carted them off for a boys day with my brother (also nudist) they played Xbox all bloody day.
RodionRomanovitch · 56-60, M
[@856183,SandraB] Well if you're all nudists then it's quite normal no , hardly magical ?
MrWhoS77 · 41-45, M
Wow sounds cool. They must be enjoying great time while being naked.
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
Sounds lovely.
silkandlace · 41-45, M
Asificair · M
and ? 🤷‍♂️

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