My browser says that my SW password has been involved in a data leak and I need to change it

Modern browsers and password managers can tell you whether your password has been involved on a data breach/leak, and that you need to change it.

To clarify, this does NOT mean that there has been a data leak on SimilarWorlds.

This just means that the password you use on SimilarWorlds is included in one of those databases that have been leaked/breached.

You can check if your password has been in a data leak, here:
(Note: while is a well respected website and trusted by the community, we are not responsible for anything that happens after you type your password on that website)

If your password manager or your browser says that your password is compromised, we recommend you change it to a more secure password.

We store your passwords using an encryption algorithm specifically designed for this purpose. We have no way of knowing what your password is, using the data we store in our database. The way it works is that when you type your password, we encrypt it, and compare with what's on the database. If it matches, then your password is correct.

So even if there had been a data leak, your real/original passwords wouldn't be exposed anyway - just their encrypted/hashed & salted versions.