How do I install the Similar Worlds Mobile app?
If you are on an Android,

  1. Install and open Google Chrome on your phone, from the Play Store.
  2. Visit Similar Worlds.
  3. Open Google Chrome's menu and select "Add to Homescreen" or "Install Similar Worlds".
  4. This should have installed Similar Worlds on your app list.

Optionally, you can open your Notifications page (on Similar Worlds, using the installed app), scroll to the bottom and turn on the option Push Notifications.

If you are on an iPhone,

  1. Open Safari browser.
  2. Visit Similar Worlds.
  3. Press the Share button
  4. Tap "Add to Home Screen".

Unfortunately, iPhone doesn't yet support the modern technologies we use, therefore you can't install Push Notifications.

You can read more below.

Standalone App and Push Mobile Notifications

We took advantage of a modern (still experimental) web technology that is available on modern browsers, to make Similar Worlds behave more like a mobile app - Progressive Web Apps.

This technology allows users to install a SW as a Standalone App (on your app list) and enable Push Notifications, even if Similar Worlds is closed.

If you use a modern browser (such as Google Chrome or Firefox) on Windows, MacOS or Android, you can install a Similar Worlds application by adding to the homescreen.

On iPhone's Safari, press the Share button and then "Add to Home Screen".

You can also enable Push Notifications, if you go on your Notifications page and press the orange "Turn On" button:

These notifications appear at the corner of your computer screen, or in the notifications drawer on your mobile phone, even if you are not on Similar Worlds. Note that native notifications will only appear if Similar Worlds is closed, or you are not "focused" on a SW page.

Adding Similar Worlds to the homescreen (as a standalone app), together with Push Notifications, should make Similar Worlds a real app on Androids!
Please note that if you have PC and Mobile, you need to enable notifications on both (this is a setting at browser level, rather than global/cross-device).

Unfortunately, iPhones still don't support Push Notifications.

💡 We advise that you use Google Chrome or Firefox, when browsing on Similar Worlds (or any other website!), except if you are on iPhone (where you can use Safari). Note that Android's default/native browsers usually have an old version of Chrome on it, and they never receive feature/security updates - and very likely they will never support Push Notifications.