What do I do if I have evidence of a child being physically abused or sexually exploited?

If you see images or you know of a minor who is being physically abused or sexually exploited on SimilarWorlds, please contact your local law enforcement immediately, with all the information you can gather of this user, such as Address, Bank Account information, Phone number, etc...
Please provide as much detail as you can to your report document, as it will only help. However, avoid sharing or downloading any images. Avoid also commenting on or sending messages with any of these contents.

We ask that you additionally report the posts or messages which contain evidence of the offense to SimilarWorlds. While we may hide the contents from the public, we may keep the reported content in our servers and may in some cases keep the profile active (with a number of limitations) to facilitate further investigation required.

We also encourage you to look into and consider contacting one or more of the following services:
United States
United Kingdom