Why can I not create a new account on SimilarWorlds?

There are a number of reasons you may have been blocked from creating new accounts:

  • You have been creating several accounts on SimilarWorlds in an abusive way.
  • You have created an account just to circumvent account limitations/blocks.
  • You have already received multiple warnings and suspensions (giving you a number of opportunities) and we do not think that you can be a good member on SimilarWorlds.
  • You are using a proxy that is blocked by us.

If you are not able to create a new account on SimilarWorlds, please respect that decision and do not attempt to circumvent that.

If you have an account that is still active, you can use that account.

As per our Terms of Service,

"You will not create multiple accounts on SimilarWorlds in a way that can be seen as abusive usage. The average user only has one account, but it is acceptable for someone to own up to three accounts as long as your accounts are following our terms of service and not causing conflicts with other users. Cancelling old accounts does not make it acceptable to create new accounts to stay on this limit."