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Don't mind me

I have decided to block all the tr0lls.

I don't have a problem with people having fun and making jokes in the comments. But I've noticed about 4 people on this site who's profiles were specifically created for tr0lling. Try-hard wannabes just sucking the life out of this place.

What are you? The funny guy/girl? You're the funny guy? Everything you say and do is supposed to be funny?
Being funny is supposed to be part of your personality. Not your entire personality.
You can crack a couple of jokes and have a few laughs during the day, but try to be serious once in a while.

I've noticed them making their sh!tty outdated jokes on other people's posts. Now they're doing the same on mine.
While others may find your cr^p hilarious, I don't. Here's the thing: You're NOT funny. If you were, I'd laugh.
There's dozens of people here who've said the randomest things and they've made me smile. They're funny without even trying. You're just irritating and annoying.

I've seen a lot of funny people in my day. You don't even come close.
So grow the fvck up.

Yes, fun and jokes are allowed. Having an account entirely dedicated to making sh!tty jokes, trying to get people's attention - what is this? 2012?

And what are you doing? Seriously, what the fvck are you doing with your life?

If you think you're some sh!tposting legend, you've got it all wrong. I know people on the internet; I know places on the internet, where sh!tposting is a way of life. You wouldn't last a minute there. Oh no, they'd chew your ^ss up and spit you out like tobacco juice.

So I've decided that I don't need these people in my feed. I don't want their cr^p on my posts. I don't want to see their cr^p on anyone's posts, for that matter.
Miram · 31-35, F
It can get tiring after a while. I do believe there are some things we shouldn't joke about.

Everything can be bad and good including humor.
candycane · 31-35, F
@Chickie amen
candycane · 31-35, F
I did that years ago. Glad you came to your senses

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