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He was flirting with me......

[c=359E00]we were having a convo on how my throat hurts and it is the girl across from me who keeps coughing an sneezing in her hand. I was saying how m going to go home and eat lemons because i can't afford to get sick. He's like, so do u squeeze the lemons? I don't know how to flirt so i goes, no i peel them🤦🏻‍♀️🤣. He starts giggling. Like 😂😂[/c]
JohnOlinger · 36-40, M
Would you do him
nightjourney · 31-35, F
@JohnOlinger in a heartbsat. But no more like he wants to do me. I see it in his eyes and how he asks queations like he wants to knoe me better. But its nice to take things slow. Creates more feeling like that. And well self esteem issues so theres that
JohnOlinger · 36-40, M
JohnOlinger · 36-40, M
@nightjourney So what do you think of Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Would You Do Him
tacobell · 26-30, M
[quote] convo on how my throat hurts [/quote] Haram
nightjourney · 31-35, F
@tacobell it was how i don't want to be sick. And noe i got halls and drank 2 shy cups of lemon eith salt in it. SW does some crazy things to you 😄
LostNForgotten · 36-40, M
@nightjourney sorry I took lemons🍋 to be the balls.
I shove lemons so far up my butt that I choke them up.
nightjourney · 31-35, F
@SinlessOnslaught doe sur fart smell like lemon after? 😀
@nightjourney Yep. They call me Lemon Farter or Le'Fart.
Lilymoon · 46-50, F
Oh he's smooth 😆
nightjourney · 31-35, F
@Lilymoon hahaha oh he is alright. And damn how he speaks. And looks. Like dayummm
Lilymoon · 46-50, F
@nightjourney Sweet! 😁
LostNForgotten · 36-40, M
Sounds painful
nightjourney · 31-35, F
@LostNForgotten ehich part? Lol no we have normal convo. Just don't want to flirt back for it to not be awkward and all
Tminus6453 · M
Thats strike one....🤭
Emarkx · 26-30, M
Hmmm end it....

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