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How is it that if you made a woman laugh a lot on a first date (with you, not at you, lol) that she would say she didnt see romantic connection?

Or a chance for it anyway
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SW User
You took your pants off didnt you? 馃き
KuroNeko41-45, F
Someone can be funny without being sexy. Bert Kreisher is funny as fuck but I don't want to bang him.
SW User
Because laughter doesn't mean there's a romantic connection.
blackcar26-30, M
She is going to look for someone who she can take advantage of
馃槶 placed into the friend-zone. You just don鈥檛 give her to hots 馃槥
tk999941-45, M
Prolly just wants a quick bang and then ghost.
MntoNc31-35, M
[@1135204,tk9999] nah I didn't get that vibe at all
SW User
hahahaha! Silly boy!!!
Its true! It would be tough to romance a woman without making her laugh ...but you need a little more to your game than good sense of humor!!
It may have come across as more of a friendship/buddies, being silly together. That doesn't speak of romance (to me) on a first date. Maybe the connection just wasn't there.

But then I'm not one who thinks a man must make me laugh. I'm actually attracted to seriousness.
MntoNc31-35, M
[@1173,Magenta] but do relationships really come out of meeting someone for the first time on a date? Not usually. Its usually by getting to know each other overtime when nothing is meant to be romantic or sexual
[@776330,MntoNc] They can, that's where it starts. That's true too, but usually one can tell if their is that connection/attraction/chemistry right away. That's important for a [i]romanti[/i]c relationship, imo. It's nothing personal against the other person, if they don't feel it, they just don't.
Eternity22-25, M
Just move on man. There is no answer that will satisfy you nor make you feel any better.

The only power you have now is the power to deny her a clown.

Don't be some woman's clown for free. It's demeaning. You're better than that.
Who would you want to be with, a joker or someone who can demonstrate that, while they have a sense of humour, they also know how to take life seriously when they need to???

I can stay at home and laugh at a comedy if I want to. I'm not looking for a comedian as a companion.

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