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What the heck did I just hear?

So I just overheard my sister's husband Complaining about a really bad toothache and expressing how swollen his gum is. I intervened and told him that it sounds like he has an abscessed tooth and might need to go see a dentist to get that taken care of.

His response: I don't usually go to doctors and stuff. I've had toothaches in the past and I just wait until the tooth is shaking and then I just pull them out myself. I don't trust doctors and stuff.

I just walked away lol..I just didn't have anything else to say. Today's not the day for it weekends are for relaxing
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Piper · 61-69, F Best Comment
It does sound like an abscessed tooth. Maybe when the bacterial infection makes his face swell up in an alarming way, he'll realize waiting for the tooth to get loose is not a wise choice. It's a potentially deadly kind of thing, if not treated with an antibiotic.

Becksta · 36-40
He'll be alright if you are correct and his jaw gets infected... 🤣
I wonder if he’s aware that an infection from an abscess won’t necessarily remain in his tooth ? If it spreads throughout his bloodstream, pulling the tooth won’t fix the problem. 😱
Elessar · 26-30, M
There must've been a defective batch of humans born in the previous decades, or anyway one that was meant to be delivered to this world in the middle ages but somehow arrived late, I've no other explanation for the nonsense getting more and more trending these days. Since 2016 or so we started having resurgences of flat-earthers, anti-aviation (cuz chemtrails), anti-science (cuz vaccines) folks all of a sudden.
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
unless it leads to sepsis and has more serious side effects like, you know, death. 🤔
curiosi · 56-60, F
Good for him, shouldn't put too much faith in doctors.
luv2fish · 61-69, M
You did the right thing. Darwinism will probably intervene.
MistahJ · 26-30, M
What in tarnation???

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