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I will share the full story behind what really made my school seniors hate me so much. Do you feel it was my fault or I was just young?

As I have shared in many of my previous posts that some 12th grade boys used to trouble me a lot when I was in 11th grade. I will share everything that happened that made them so hateful towards me. I still remember in November 2015, when I was in 10th grade, I had suddenly got a crush on a beautiful girl who was in 12th grade. Her name is Karuna. It was just a teenage infatuation. But like a fool I told others about it and soon entire school came to know about it. I was shy to talk to her so I used to make my 8th and 9th grade friends to tell her that I loved her. Please don't get angry I was just a 14-15 yr old boy. I didn't even know she had a boyfriend. Suddenly her boyfriend named Anand who was in 11th grade that time one day came angrily towards me and hold my collar and said "Whats your problem dude?" He was almost trying to beat me. I was full running away from him on the school ground and he was walking fast towards me and was verbally abusing me too. Thankfully other 11th grade boys stopped him and told him to calm down. But I was still not ready to leave her so I created a Facebook account and sent her a friend request. But that boy Anand started texting me warning me to leave her. But I argued with him that I loved her. But then he started threatening me saying "if you don't leave her, me and my friends will beat you up so badly that you will be in hospital". Thats when I got really scared and said him ok I will leave her. But suddenly after few minutes he texted me again saying "come on Monday, you will go home crying". I got scared and said him sorry and was requesting him to not beat me but he said "you made Karuna very sad, you are dead on Monday". I got so scared that I deleted my FB account. Then I created another account pretending to be my elder brother and texted him saying "if you do anything to my brother you will get beaten". But he wasn't scared and said "come, I will hit your brother in front of you, we will see how you will protect him". I was so scared that night. Thankfully on Monday, it was raining so we couldn't meet and I went home ASAP. He then told about it to his friends adding up lies and they used to come to our classroom during lunch time and threaten me and verbally abuse me and continued the same when I was in 11th grade and they were in 12th grade. This is one of the biggest reason why I am scared of dating even now at 20.

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