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How safe is Chilli Sauce after the Best Before date?

I found an unopened bottle of Flying Goose hot chilli sauce in the cupboard, it says best before March 2018 but there's no sign of it being 'off' in any way.
It's a large bottle so I'll never use it before then so could anything possibly go wrong with it?

I'd normally just use as much as I need then bin it but it's not on sale here now and it's the best around :(
I'd use it. Unless it advises on the label not to, keep it in the fridge after opening it ...馃
They're usually erring on the side of caution with best before dates anyway, and it IS only best before, not "omg, it's going to kill you!" after that date!馃槈
If it starts to go off, it'll change - I've never seen any, but normally it'll go brownish, and you might notice it doesn't smell quite so good, so then it'll be time to dump it馃槄
Obviously it depends on your constitution, but if you're going to be eating things with hot chilli sauce on them, then your constitution must be pretty strong!馃槆
Primnproper51-55, F
We're not even in March yet it will be fine if the seal isn't broken..
Primnproper51-55, F
[@165858,RodneyTrotter] oh hunni you know me! I say it how it is...馃槃
RodneyTrotter51-55, M
[@1317,Primnproper] Me too, best way and those who don't like it know I couldn't give a toss either way 馃槅
Primnproper51-55, F
[@165858,RodneyTrotter] 馃憤
Salix7546-50, F
probably ok, especially as it's not passed it's best before date.

Once opened, it will get hotter and spicier over time. doubt it will go off.
ScarletMoonEmpire36-40, F
Don't eat that, buy new one
SW User
It will be fine, go eat.

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