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I Am Loyal to My Friends

I am most likely more loyal to my friends than they can ever return to me. I have a history of friends, whom I am now slightly bitter towards but never want to open up and let them know my real thoughts. I was, and still to this day, the person who would hear a friend's call for help and I would be there. I would drop everything I was doing to ensure that this person was okay. I was that way for all of them. Their names will forever be under my skin, but for the sake of them, the names are changed.

Michelle: I shared everything with her. In return I received absolutely nothing, yet I didn't care and still kept giving all I could. Now, I hold anger, regret, and that deep ache of missing someone.

Sandra: I was her therapist in a way. She never fit in, always had family issues. I would be there day in and day out for her. But, when it came to a hard time in my life, she chose a person she barely knew over me. And it became two against one. I didn't bother to fight. I just shut her out.

Hailey: I was always there. During her ups and downs, new relationships, every day life, during the talks about family, celebrations, etc. But, when she got her boyfriend, I was tossed away. I was invited to help with events, and would spend hours at her house helping. But, when it came time to go to said events, it was always the boyfriend who would go. I liked her boyfriend, he was nice. But, sometimes you want a girl's night out with a close friend. We weren't party people. A night out was simple...dinner/cooking at her Getting caught up. Every time, he would appear out of no where. When I finally got married, she shunned my marriage. She told me she didn't approve of it.

Mike: Surprise surprise. I met him on the internet. One day, my phone was dying and I was stuck somewhere. He bought me food from across the country. Maybe the one nice person who I did nothing for, but he gave to me instead?
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Alyce your a rare breed of human, your empathy for others rules your life I think your still coming to terms with it.I know you cant turn it off ,you remind me of a really good friend she is the same ,she gives gives make excuses for them ,lol more second than most deserve ,she ends up giving too much ,and feeling resentment like you expressed, .I when i see her in action its great,she calm people down deal with tears, your givers your caretakers

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I'm Loyal to My Friends
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