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I miss the old team on EP. There was the girl who had been dominated, and had horrible things done to her. She was super cool, super strong and super trying hard to see a new light in the world around her. The guy who wanted to end it all, but came around to thinking seriously about using his experiences and skills to be a paramedic - and a darned good one at that I'm sure. The lady who bought shares and invested in disaster, putting the funds in so they were available, but cashing in on the inevitable profits. The lady who wrote poems and wise words and heartwarming replies. I miss almost all of them. And to sum them up like this is crude and, some might say, rude. But I miss the team, and I want a new one. Link to a post to get us started - or go through my posts (search for something you're interested in even) and link to one or reply. Let's begin :)
SW User
FYI, it was only yesterday that I wrote in my journal the same thing. One by one, I enumerated the souls that I had met on EP and wrote something, good of course, about them. My very first friend, my huckleberry friend, you included in that essay. .....Yeah, this new site is nothing, compared to the connections and experiences we had way back then....I must be missing EP too. (sigh)
DreamCoCreators · 31-35, M
[@556877,chchchChanged] wow. I wonder if that wave of consciousness that made us both do it was quantum entanglement????? I may well write that very same ode. But EP was born for support. This place is born as anon soc med. We will find people here, but there's a whole lot more surf to soft through first. Somehow we have to pierce it, which is what I tried by this post :)
SW User
[@168178,cloudsoflife] 😔❤✌
sighmeupforthat · 41-45, M
yet you have half the old team here but soo stuck in this EP was better mode you will miss it all.
DreamCoCreators · 31-35, M
[@341171,sighmeupforthat] half the old team? maybe half THE old team. But not half MY old team. And that's the reason for the post: to stop missing the new. Hoping someone would actually interact positively. Fed up with the EP hating just as much as you are the EP loving. Let's just get along shall we?
The people i miss from ep already left the site years before it closed..
DreamCoCreators · 31-35, M
Me too, half of them. Half left in the transfer, too. Really there is only one active left, excluding me, from my group. Still, this is a chance to form anew :) [@209334,ZeroG]
[@168178,cloudsoflife] k 🙂
Deadcutie · 16-17, F
Fallflower · 46-50, F
Funny, I feel I get more interaction, support and fun in the new version than I did in EP. it must be me. 🧐
DreamCoCreators · 31-35, M
[@106781,Fallflower] Haha no, it's probably true. I used to write to that team mostly, even though it was a public broadcast - and it used to come up on their feeds and we'd chat awhile. Now there is no 'friends' newsfeed option, so I'm building that years' worth of repertoire again.
Fallflower · 46-50, F
[@168178,cloudsoflife] i see. Yeah! I remember there was a friends newsfeed and then that option went away and we started seeing more diaper and incest stuff in our feeds. It’s all coming back to me now...
DreamCoCreators · 31-35, M
It was a great feature...

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